The Dogtown USA Spa provides a full menu of services designed to pamper your pet. Choose from a number of deluxe shampoos and conditioners customizable to suite your dog’s coat and particular needs. Whether it’s itchy skin, coat-brightening or de-shedding, we’ve got you covered!

Specialty Shampoos

Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo

Moisturizing formula helps soothe dry, sensitive or irritated skin.

Hypoallegenic Shampoo – $4

Fragrance & dye free, for dogs with persistently sensitive, dry or allergic skin.

Hypoallegenic Crème Rinse – $4

An extra gentle fragrance & dye free conditioner to be paired with our hypoallergenic shampoo.

Black Coat Shampoo – $4

Adds shine and brilliance to black, charcoal, blue, and other dark coats.

Clarifying Shampoo – $4

Cuts through dulling build up and helps return natural body & shine to hair.

De-Shed Shampoo – $5

Helps to loosen the undercoat and prevent mats & tangles.

Pawsitively Pink Shampoo – $3

Natural oils hydrate the skin and adds body, softness & shine.

Color Enhancing Shampoo – $4

Whitens white coats, brightens yellowed coats, and intensifies all coat colors.

Texturizing Shampoo – $4

Enhances wiry coats and adds coarseness, volume & texture.

Grubby Dog Shampoo – $5

Powerful deep cleanser that penetrates coat to loosen dirt, caked-on mud and other filth.

Plum Natural Shampoo – $3

Revitilizes dull, lifeless coats with pops of plum fragrance.

Lavender Magic Shampoo – $3

Lavender scent helps relax tense pets.

Kava Kava Shampoo – $3

Relieves stressed out pets with relaxing kava kava extract.

Flowering Bamboo Shampoo – $3

Soothes the senses and penetrates deeply to revive overworked hair & skin.

Cherry Berry Shampoo – $3

All-natural formula that leaves a long-lasting aroma.

Tearless Cucumber Melon Shampoo – $3

Tearless formula with a refreshing fragrance.

Lather-A-Pup Citrus Shampoo – $3

High sudsing shampoo for oily skin & coats.

Conditioner – $4

Hydrates, softens, nourishes and makes coats more manageable.

House Baths

Up to 20 lbs


21 lbs – 45 lbs


46 lbs – 60 lbs


61 lbs – 75 lbs


76 lbs and up


All prices can fluctuate $5 for length and condition of coat as well as temperament of dog.

Nail Trim

$10 (fluctuates $5 based on temperament)



Ear Cleaning